List of obtained PhD degrees

Name Title Univ. Promoter SCK•CEN Mentor Thesis obtained
Dekempeneer Yana 213Bismuth-labeled nanobodies as a new treatment approach in targeted alpha therapy VUB
Caveliers Vicky (VUB)
Gysemans Mireille 2020-09-02
Babaei Saeid A Multi Scale Approach to Model Early Age Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Behaviour on non-reinforced Concrete UANTWERPEN
Steenackers Gunther (UANTWERPEN)
Seetharam Suresh 2021-04-01
Suetens Annelies A biological and dosimetric study of hadrontherapy on tumor and normal cells UCLouvain
Grégoire Vincent (UCLouvain)
Moreels Marjan 2015-01-27
Tindemans Tom A contribution to the development of sensitive and isotope-selective analytical methods based on sector-field ICP-mass spectrometry for supporting the development of Gen IV nuclear reactors UGENT
Vanhaecke Frank (UGENT)
Dobney Andrew 2014-12-19
Lierman Steven A legal analysis of the use of ionising radiation in medical hospital practice: an inquiry into the influence of prevention and precaution on health protection and liability UANTWERPEN
Vansweevelt Thierry (UANTWERPEN)
Veuchelen Ludo 2004-01-14
Farina Fulvio A re-evaluation of suspicious k0 and Q0 values in k0-INAA UGENT
Strijckmans Karel (UGENT)
Vermaercke Peter 2017-12-05
Sunay Rodríguez Pérez A simulation framework to balance radiation induced risk against image quality in radiology KU LEUVEN
Bosmans Hilde (KU LEUVEN)
Struelens Lara 2021-07-15
Van den Bosch Joris ADS Candidate Materials Compatibility with Liquid Metal in a Neutron Irradiation Environment UGENT
Degrieck Joris (UGENT)
Al-Mazouzi Abderrahim 2008-12-11
Lambrecht Marlies Advanced experimental techniques for the comprehension of hardening and embrittlement mechanisms in RPV steels UGENT
Houbaert Yvan (UGENT)
Malerba Lorenzo 2009-11-28
Frederickx Lander Advanced mineralogical study of the clay mineral fraction in Boom Clay KU LEUVEN
Elsen Jan (KU LEUVEN)
De Craen Mieke 2020-02-07
Rossa Riccardo Advanced non destructive methods for criticality safety and safeguards of used nuclear fuel ULB
Labeau Pierre-Etienne (ULB)
Borella Alessandro 2016-09-30
Aoust Thierry Améliorations du modèle de cascade intranucléaire de Liège en vue de l'étude de cibles de spallation pour les systèmes hybrides ULIEGE
Cugnon Joseph (ULIEGE)
Malambu Mbala Edouard 2007-06-22
Ouliddren Kamreddine An Approach to Incremental Fuzzy Modelling of Dependencies in Complex Physical Systems VUB
Jonckers Viviane (VUB)
Arien Baudouin 1998-12-01
Haeck Wim An optimum approach to Monte Carlo burn-up UGENT
Wagemans Cyril (UGENT)
Aït Abderrahim Hamid 2007-04-16
Raucy Christopher Analysis and optimisation of an RFQ accelerator for the MYRRHA system UCLouvain
Craeye Christophe (UCLouvain)
Vandeplassche Dirk 2017-01-17
Grigorev Petr Assessment of retention of plasma components in Tungsten in the presence of neutron irradiation: multi-scale modelling approach UGENT
Noterdaeme Jean-Marie (UGENT)
Terentyev Dmitry 2017-04-27
Verreet Tine Assessment of the effect of low doses of radiation on neurogenesis at an in vivo level from the prenatal to the postnatal period KU LEUVEN
Moons Lieve (KU LEUVEN)
Benotmane Rafi 2015-11-19
Govers Kevin Atomic scale simulations of noble gases behaviour in uranium dioxide ULB
Dubus Alain (ULB)
Lemehov Sergei 2008-06-27
Castin Nicolas Atomistic kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of precipitation and segregation in metals for nuclear applications, using a novel methodology based on artificial neural networks ULB
Hou Marc (ULB)
Malerba Lorenzo 2011-06-24
Ahmed Mohamed Bioinformatics analysis of complex DNA-sequencing data to assess microbial diversity in geological radioactive waste disposal environments VUB
Charlier Daniel (VUB)
Monsieurs Pieter 2016-09-27
Biermans Geert Biological effects induced in A. thaliana after exposure to radioactive and chemical contaminants in liquid discharge of nuclear power plants UHASSELT
Cuypers Ann (UHASSELT)
Vanhoudt Nathalie 2013-09-26
Condori Catachura Sandra Characterization of the cell-to-cell communication system of Rhodospirillum rubrum. UMONS
Wattiez Ruddy (UMONS)
Mastroleo Felice 2016-02-26
Sapundjev Danislav Compatibility of structural materials with liquid lead-bismuth eutectic - Liquid metal corrosion and liquid metal embrittlement of steels in liquid lead-bismuth KU LEUVEN
Bogaerts Walter (KU LEUVEN)
Van Dyck Steven 2007-03-01
De Ridder Jeroen Computational analysis of flow-induced vibrations in fuel rod bundles of next generation nuclear reactors UGENT
Vierendeels Jan (UGENT)
Schuurmans Paul 2015-09-29
Rogiers Bart Conditional stochastic simulation of groundwater flow and contaminant transport in a sandy aquifer at Mol/Dessel KU LEUVEN
Batelaan Okke (KU LEUVEN)
Gedeon Matej 2013-11-27
Derradji Hanane Congenital malformations induced by ionizing radiation in mouse embryos: investigating molecular changes UGENT
Van Oostveldt Patrick (UGENT)
Baatout Sarah 2006-12-19
van de Walle Jorden Contribution of epigenetic processes to the induction of long-term effects and adaptive responses of plants exposed to low-dose radiation UHASSELT
Cuypers Ann (UHASSELT)
Horemans Nele 2018-05-25
Scibetta Marc Contribution to the evaluation of the circumferentially-cracked round bar for fracture toughness determination of reactor pressure ULIEGE
Nguyen-Dang Hung (ULIEGE)
van Walle Eric 1999-06-18
Van Uffelen Paul Contribution to the modelling of fission gas release in light water reactor fuel ULIEGE
Vandenberg Claude (ULIEGE)
van der Meer Klaas 1995-06-23
Bakaeva Anastasiia Correlation between microstructure and retention in candidate materials for the first wall UGENT
Noterdaeme Jean-Marie (UGENT)
Terentyev Dmitry 2018-12-19
Kesteloot Nele Coulomb excitation of Polonium isotopes KU LEUVEN
Van Duppen Piet (KU LEUVEN)
Popescu Lucia 2015-03-18
Lombardo Pasquale Alessandro Creation of computational phantoms for applications in internal dosimetry KU LEUVEN
Bogaerts Ria (KU LEUVEN)
Lebacq Anne Laure 2018-01-23
Uytdenhouwen Inge Degradation of plasma facing materials under ITER relevant loading conditions UGENT
Van Oost Guido (UGENT)
Decreton Marc 2010-02-10
Belmans Niels Dental pediatric imaging: an investigation towards low dose radiation induced risks UHASSELT
Lambrichts Ivo (UHASSELT)
Moreels Marjan 2019-09-18
Yin Chao Development and qualification of irradiation tolerant tungsten and novel toughness-enhanced composites for fusion applications UCLouvain
Pardoen Thomas (UCLouvain)
Terentyev Dmitry 2020-11-20
Wanna Nancy Development and validation of HPLC-SF-ICP-MS methodologies for characterization of spent nuclear fuel UGENT
Vanhaecke Frank (UGENT)
Van Hoecke Karen 2021-03-15
Toti Antonio Development and validation of a computational approach to simulate 3D phenomena occurring in the MYRRHA reactor during Loss of Flow transients UGENT
Vierendeels Jan (UGENT)
Belloni Francesco 2018-07-02
Bonny Giovanni Development and validation of many-body interatomic potentials to simulate the microstructural evolution of structural materials for nuclear applications UGENT
Van Neck dimitri (UGENT)
Malerba Lorenzo 2009-06-29
Star Kelbij Sabrina Development of Reduced Order CFD models for the application of Uncertainty Quantification UGENT
Degroote Joris (UGENT)
Belloni Francesco 2021-02-15
Houngbo Donald Development of a liquid-PbBi target for ISOL@MYRRHA UGENT
Vierendeels Jan (UGENT)
Popescu Lucia 2016-09-28
Strackx Maarten Development of an ultra wide band device for in-vivo dosimetry KU LEUVEN
Reynaert Patrick (KU LEUVEN)
D'Agostino Emiliano 2015-06-01
Gijs Marlies Development of aptamer-based radiopharmaceuticals for cancer diagnosis and treatment ULIEGE
Luxen André (ULIEGE)
Aerts An 2015-09-17
Griseri Matteo Development of carbide materials for radioactive ion beam production at high-power ISOL facilities KU LEUVEN
Vleugels Jozef (KU LEUVEN)
Popescu Lucia 2020-12-11
Jaluvka David Development of computational algorithms and software for the optimization of the core management of Myrrha and other radiation facilities KU LEUVEN
Vandewalle Stefan (KU LEUVEN)
Van den Eynde Gert 2015-02-02
Verhiest Katelijne Development of dispersion-strengthened steels for high temperature applications using modern thermomechanical processing techniques UGENT
Houbaert Yvan (UGENT)
De Bremaecker Anne 2010-11-01
Puype Athina Development of improved ferritic/martensitic creep-resistant steels for nuclear energy UGENT
Petrov Roumen (UGENT)
Malerba Lorenzo 2018-12-07
Honorio da Silva Edilaine Development of practical eye lens dosimetry for interventional procedures in hospitals VUB
Buls Nico (VUB)
Vanhavere Filip 2018-02-19
D'huyvetter Matthias Development of radiopharmaceuticals for cancer treatment VUB
Lahoutte Tony (VUB)
Impens Nathalie 2014-09-30
Fiorito Luca Development of uncertainty quantification and uncertainty modeling in the depletion code ALEPH ULB
Labeau Pierre-Etienne (ULB)
Stankovskiy Alexey 2016-10-03
Ali Md Muntasir Dissection of novel resistance mechanisms in Cupriavidus metallidurans VUB
Charlier Daniel (VUB)
Van Houdt Rob 2019-11-18
Samari Nada Effect of low dose radiation on neural plasticity and connectivity VUB
Leyns Luc (VUB)
Benotmane Rafi 2013-02-21
Craenen Kai Effect of radiation on neural tube closure and related congenital abnormalities KU LEUVEN
Moons Lieve (KU LEUVEN)
Benotmane Rafi 2018-12-18
Dingemans Jozef Effect of shear stress on Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the cystic fibrosis lung VUB
Cornelis Pierre (VUB)
Van Houdt Rob 2015-10-28
Pani Giuseppe Effect of space conditions on neuronal plasticity and connectivity UGENT
Van Oostveldt Patrick (UGENT)
Benotmane Rafi 2013-06-19
Gong Xing Effects of an LBE environment and hold times on the fatigue properties of austenitic and ferritic-martensitic MYRRHA candidate materials KU LEUVEN
Seefeldt Marc (KU LEUVEN)
Marmy Pierre 2015-11-30
Badri Hanène Effects of artificial light and ionizing radiation on the nutritive value of photosynthetic bacteria used for waste recycling in space UMONS
Wattiez Ruddy (UMONS)
Leys Natalie 2015-01-23
Li Xiaoqiang Effects of the stacking fault energy on the localized deformation, neutron irradiation induced defect accumulation behaviours and irradiation assisted stress corrosion cracking in stainless steels UGENT
De Cooman Bruno (UGENT)
Van Dyck Steven 2009-05-11
Vanden Borre Tom Efficient prevention and compensation of catastrophic risks - the example of nuclear accidents UNIMAAS
Faure Michael (UNIMAAS)
Veuchelen Ludo 2001-06-29
Dubinko Andrii Embrittlement of fusion materials initiated by neutron irradiation UGENT
Noterdaeme Jean-Marie (UGENT)
Terentyev Dmitry 2018-06-11
Abouelaradat Khalil Epigenetic, metabolic, and signal transduction pathways involved in radiation response of normal and transformed thyrocytes UGENT
Van Criekinge Wim (UGENT)
Baatout Sarah 2011-11-21
Thiry Yves Etude du cycle du raediocaesium en ecosystŠme forestier: Distribution et facteurs de mobilité UCLouvain
Delvaux Bruno (UCLouvain)
Vandecasteele Christian 1997-06-12
Deparis Olivier Etude physique et expérimentale de la tenue des fibres optiques aux radiations ionisantes par spectrométrie visible-infrarouge UMONS
Blondel Michel (UMONS)
Decreton Marc 1997-05-23
De Pauw Ben Experimental analysis of flow-induced vibrations and application to the fuel rod bundle of the MYRRHA reactor VUB
Berghmans Francis (VUB)
Van Tichelen Katrien 2015-11-05
Phung Quoc Tri Experimental and phenomenological study of the effect of chemical detrimental processes on transport properties of concrete UGENT
De Schutter Geert (UGENT)
Maes Norbert 2015-03-30
Ghys Lars Experimental investigation of asymmetric fission in proton-rich nuclei around Z=82 KU LEUVEN
Huyse Mark (KU LEUVEN)
Popescu Lucia 2015-09-16
Byloos Bo Extraction of minerals from rocks with bacteria in space UGENT
Boon Nico (UGENT)
Leys Natalie 2017-09-27
Faustov Alexey Fibre-optics temperature and radiation distributed monitoring in nuclear installations UMONS
Mégret Patrice (UMONS)
Goussarov Andrei 2014-10-17
Zinovev Aleksandr Finite element modelling of mechanical properties of Tungsten under neutron irradiation UCLouvain
Delannay Laurent (UCLouvain)
Terentyev Dmitry 2019-10-03
Gavrilov Serguei Finite element sumulation of stress corrosion cracking in an aqueous environment VUB
Deconinck Johan (VUB)
Vankeerberghen Marc 2003-09-19
Zayachuk Yevhen Fundamental research of the hydrogen retention in tungsten under fusion relevant conditions UGENT
Van Oost Guido (UGENT)
Uytdenhouwen Inge 2013-10-24
Jacops Elke Gas diffusivity as a probe for structural (porosity and transport) properties of geological strata KU LEUVEN
Swennen Rudy (KU LEUVEN)
Bruggeman Christophe 2018-07-02
Van de Walle Bartel Het bestaan en de karakterisatie van vaagpreferentiestrukturen UGENT
Kerre Etienne (UGENT)
Zeevaert Theo 1996-11-08
Pycke Benny Het lot van micropolluenten en hun invloed op de micro-organismen in het kortgesloten micro-ecosysteem MELiSSA UGENT
Verstraete willy (UGENT)
Leys Natalie 2009-12-15
Daems Noami Hybrid gold nanoparticles coated with organic polymers and antibodies as platforms for cancer theranostics: Investigation of the cytotoxicity mechanisms and feasibility study of radioactive doping UNAMUR
Lucas Stéphane (UNAMUR)
Aerts An 2020-09-02
Macaeva Ellina Identification and functional analysis of biomarkers of low-dose (low-LET and high-LET) ionizing radiation UGENT
Baatout Sarah (UGENT)
Quintens Roel 2017-08-18
Monteyne Griet Identification in nuclear and thermal energy moderator temperature coefficient estimation via noise analysis and black-box modeling of heat transfer VUB
Schoukens Jan (VUB)
Baeten Peter 2013-04-22
Coninx Emma Identification of radiation-induced premature ageing and neurodegeneration in a mouse model for Alzheimer disease KU LEUVEN
Moons Lieve (KU LEUVEN)
Verslegers Mieke 2020-10-02
Gonzalez Borja Immobilization of gaseous polonium on solid adsorbents KU LEUVEN
Martens Johan (KU LEUVEN)
Aerts Alexander 2015-06-18
Konings Katrien Impact of different radiation qualities on molecular and functional changes in cancer cells: role of Hedgehog signaling KU LEUVEN
Haustermans Karin (KU LEUVEN)
Moreels Marjan 2019-02-22
Berghmans Francis Implementing Photonic Sensing in Nuclear Environments: from device-level case studies to dedicated system construction VUB
Veretennicoff Irina (VUB)
Decreton Marc 1998-04-03
Vervecken Lieven Improved modelling and experimental validation of atmospheric dispersion on the very local scale KU LEUVEN
Meyers Johan (KU LEUVEN)
Camps Johan 2015-10-14
Fonseca Telma Improving the internal contamination measurements by Monte Carlo modelling of in vivo measurements KU LEUVEN
Bogaerts Ria (KU LEUVEN)
Vanhavere Filip 2014-01-13
Wangle Tadeáš Improving the sintering behaviour of thorium oxide KU LEUVEN
Vleugels Jozef (KU LEUVEN)
Verwerft Marc 2020-01-20
Cao Ying Integration of radiation tolerant LIDAR receiver with mm accuracy and kHz repetition rate KU LEUVEN
Steyaert Michiel (KU LEUVEN)
De Cock Wouter 2013-12-10
Van Ouytsel Kristel Internal friction of pressure vessel steel embrittlement VUB
Poortmans Freddy (VUB)
Fabry Albert 2000-09-27
Ilyina Natalia Investigation of micro- and nanoparticles for non-invasive dosimetry KU LEUVEN
D'hooge Jan (KU LEUVEN)
D'Agostino Emiliano 2017-07-03
Minov Boris Investigation of the hardening in neutron irradiated and thermally aged iron-copper alloys, on the basis of mechanical and magnetic relaxation phenomena UGENT
Dupré Luc (UGENT)
Konstantinovic Milan 2012-04-24
Schreinemachers Christian Investigation of the influence of redox conditions on the conversion of actinide solutions into solid microspheres via sol-gel chemistry KU LEUVEN
Binnemans Koen (KU LEUVEN)
Verwerft Marc 2020-08-27
Cautaerts Niels Investigation of the influence of thermo-mechanical treatments on microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti stabilized 15Cr-15Ni austenitic stainless steel UANTWERPEN
Schryvers Dominique (UANTWERPEN)
Delville Rémi 2019-09-04
Verheyde Joris Ionizing radiation induced transcriptional changes in the developing mouse brain VUB
Leyns Luc (VUB)
Benotmane Rafi 2006-12-15
Chiapetto Monica Kinetic Monte Carlo studies of formation of radiation-induced phases in bainitic and ferritic/martensitic steels ULILLE
Becquart Charlotte (ULILLE)
Malerba Lorenzo 2017-09-27
Patel Ravi Lattice Boltzmann method based framework for simulating physico-chemical processes in heterogeneous porous media and its application to cement paste UGENT
De Schutter Geert (UGENT)
Perko Janez 2016-04-21
Klok Oksana Liquid metal corrosion effects on MYRRHA VUB
De Graeve Iris (VUB)
Lambrinou Konstantza 2018-03-06
Lapauw Thomas MAX phase-based materials for the MYRRHA pump impeller KU LEUVEN
Vleugels Jozef (KU LEUVEN)
Lambrinou Konstantza 2017-12-01
Gladinez Kristof Mass transport of oxygen and corrosion products in LBE cooled systems UGENT
Heynderickx Geraldine (UGENT)
Rosseel Kris 2019-09-19
El Saghire Houssein Mechanisms behind low dose effects in pediatric populations undergoing x-ray examinations UGENT
Thierens Hubert (UGENT)
Baatout Sarah 2014-01-28
Mbouombouo Mfossa André Mechanistic analysis of radiation-induced microcephaly and cognitive impairment in mice KU LEUVEN
Huylebroeck Danny (KU LEUVEN)
Quintens Roel 2020-02-03
Mwihaki Kariuki Jackline Mechanistic understanding of the response to low-dose radiation in plant differing in radiosensitivity: molecular profiling of radiation-exposed Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa UHASSELT
Cuypers Ann (UHASSELT)
Horemans Nele 2019-09-26
Meleshenkovskii Iaroslav Medium resolution gamma rays spectroscopy for safeguards applications ULB
Pauly Nicolas (ULB)
Camps Johan 2019-08-27
Props Ruben Microbial community fingerprinting to predict pathogen outgrowth in engineered aquatic systems UGENT
Boon Nico (UGENT)
Monsieurs Pieter 2018-10-15
Van Eesbeeck Valérie Microbiological analysis of spent nuclear fuel pools: towards the identification of radiation-resistant bacteria UCLouvain
Mahillon Jacques (UCLouvain)
Leys Natalie 2021-07-09
Chiriotti Alvarez Sabina Microdosimetric characterization of a therapeutic charged particles beam UCLouvain
Vynckier Stefaan (UCLouvain)
Vanhavere Filip 2015-10-01
Chaouadi Rachid Micromechanically-based damage modeling of crack initiation in reactor materials KU LEUVEN
De Meester Paul (KU LEUVEN)
van Walle Eric 1996-02-28
Matijasevic Milena Microstructure and mechanical properties of Fe-cr model alloys and high Cr steels under neutron irradiation UGENT
Verleysen Patricia (UGENT)
Al-Mazouzi Abderrahim 2007-11-16
Fiengo Perez Fabricio Modelling the dispersion of radionuclides in rivers VUB
Bauwens Willy (VUB)
Sweeck Lieve 2014-09-17
Beck Michaël Molecular mechanisms related to DNA damage, apoptosis and inflammation in fibroblasts and endothelial cells subjected to space simulated conditions UGENT
Van Oostveldt Patrick (UGENT)
Baatout Sarah 2012-05-04
Turcanu Catrinel Multi-criteria decision aiding model for the evaluation of agricultural countermeasures after an accidental release of radionuclides to the environment ULB
Vincke Philippe (ULB)
Carlé Benny 2007-10-31
Van den Eynde Gert Neutron Transport with Anisotropic Scattering. Theory and Applications ULB
Beauwens Robert (ULB)
Malambu Mbala Edouard 2005-05-12
Vanhavere Filip Neutronendosimetrie met bubbeldetector UGENT
Thierens Hubert (UGENT)
Loos Mark 1998-12-09
Rombouts Charlotte Non cancer effects (and in particular cardio-vascular effects) related to low doses of radiation UGENT
Baatout Sarah (UGENT)
Aerts An 2014-04-24
Laes Eric Nuclear energy and sustainable development. Theoretical reflections and critical-interpretative research towards a better support for decision making Sustainable development, governance, technology assessment KU LEUVEN
D'haeseleer William (KU LEUVEN)
Meskens Gaston 2006-10-16
Heldt Tobias Nuclear liability in the European legal framework UNIMAAS
Faure Michael (UNIMAAS)
Veuchelen Ludo 2015-10-28
Marino Alessandro Numerical modeling of oxygen mass transfer in the MYRRHA system VUB
Deconinck Johan (VUB)
Lim Jun 2015-09-25
de Freitas Nascimento Luana On-line dosimetry for radiotherapy using non-invasive optical fibre sensors with Al2O3:C OSL detectors UGENT
De Deene Yves (UGENT)
Vanhavere Filip 2015-01-23
Uyttenhove Wim On-line subcriticality monitoring TUDELFT
Wolterbeek H.T. (TUDELFT)
Van den Eynde Gert 2016-01-04
Struelens Lara Optimization of patient doses, linked to image quality, in vascular radiology VUB
Van Loon Ronald (VUB)
Vanhavere Filip 2005-01-27
Monchy Sébastien Organisation et expression des gènes de résistance aux métaux lourds chez Cupriavidus metallidurans CH34 ULB
Toussaint Ariane (ULB)
Mergeay Max 2007-06-01
Manfredi Gabriele Oxygen sensors for MYRRHA ULB
Herman-Buess Claudine (ULB)
Lim Jun 2018-02-21
Leinders Gregory Passivation of UO2 and other actinide oxide nanopowders KU LEUVEN
Binnemans Koen (KU LEUVEN)
Cardinaels Thomas 2016-09-14
Abdelrahman Mahmoud Personal dosimetry of workers without a physical dosemeter using computational methods ULIEGE
Phillips Christophe (ULIEGE)
Vanhavere Filip 2020-09-22
Fernández Fernández Alberto Photonics for nuclear environments ULB
Delchambre Alain (ULB)
Decreton Marc 2006-06-06
Saenen Eline Physiological and genetic response of Arabidopsis thaliana to multiple stressors UHASSELT
Cuypers Ann (UHASSELT)
Vanhoudt Nathalie 2013-09-25
Bakaev Alexander Plasticity of Fe-Ni-Cr alloys under irradiation UGENT
Van Neck dimitri (UGENT)
Terentyev Dmitry 2014-10-10
Pauwels Noël Precautionary interventions in industrial areas. An optimal stopping approach UANTWERPEN
Soudan Karel (UANTWERPEN)
Hardeman Frank 2000-02-04
Goor François Processes and dynamics of radiocaesium cycling in Chernobyl-contaminated pine forest : a multi-scale approach UCLouvain
Delvaux Bruno (UCLouvain)
Thiry Yves 2003-03-01
Mori Marcella Profile of Gene Expression Induced by Ionizing Radiation in Different Human Cell Types VUB
Hooghe - Peters E. (VUB)
Desaintes Christian 2005-06-17
Salvagnini Elena Proposition and large scale verification of optimized dose settings for 2D and 3D digital mammography KU LEUVEN
Bosmans Hilde (KU LEUVEN)
Struelens Lara 2015-04-30
Mastroleo Felice Proteomic and genomic analysis on the effects of spaceflight related environmental conditions on the photosynthetic bacterium Rhodospirillum rubrum ATCC25903 used in Life Support Systems UMONS
Wattiez Ruddy (UMONS)
Van Houdt Rob 2009-01-23
Baeten Peter Quantification of Transuranic Elements by Neutron Multiplicity Counting. A new approach by Time Interval Analysis VUB
Poortmans Freddy (VUB)
Carchon Roland 1999-04-30
Cea Andrew R&D in support of the development of a Low-Enriched Uranium based radioisotope production target UCLouvain
Pardoen Thomas (UCLouvain)
Van den Berghe Sven 2020-09-03
Put sofie Radiation tolerance of advanced cmos and bipolar technologies KU LEUVEN
Leroux Paul (KU LEUVEN)
De Cock Wouter 2010-11-30
Baselet Bjorn Radiation-induced cardiovascular risks and the potential prophylactic effects of statins UCLouvain
Sonveaux Pierre (UCLouvain)
Aerts An 2017-08-30
Ghardi Myriam Radiation-induced chemical and biological modifications of biological fluids (amniotic fluid, plasma and serum) UCLouvain
Chatelain Bernard (UCLouvain)
Baatout Sarah 2012-02-03
Jansson Ville Radiation-induced microstructure evolution models for Fe alloys UHELSINKI
Nordlund Kai (UHELSINKI)
Malerba Lorenzo 2013-12-18
Jacobs Marijke Radiation-induced structural degradation in glass to metal interface: from physics to practical applications UGENT
Van Oost Guido (UGENT)
Goussarov Andrei 2012-05-24
Zsabka Peter Radiation-resistant ionic liquids for extraction of minor actinides KU LEUVEN
Binnemans Koen (KU LEUVEN)
Cardinaels Thomas 2020-01-31
Gommers Annick Radiocaesium uptake and cycling in willow short rotation coppice KU LEUVEN
Smolders Erik (KU LEUVEN)
Vandenhove Hildegarde 2001-04-09
Verstraeten Bert Researching the characteristics of thermo-elastic materials in the limit of water-thin layers and interfaces KU LEUVEN
Glorieux Christ (KU LEUVEN)
Schuurmans Paul 2013-09-25
Lewyckyj Nicolas Retention of radiocaesium traces in clays : a dynamic semi-empirical modeling UCLouvain
Delvaux Bruno (UCLouvain)
Zeevaert Theo 2000-12-13
Perko Tanja Risk communication in nuclear emergency management UANTWERPEN
Thijssen Peter (UANTWERPEN)
Turcanu Catrinel 2012-09-24
Blanchart Pascale Role of oxidative alteration of the Boom Clay for the formation of organic hydrosoluble compounds UNANCY
Michels Raymond (UNANCY)
Bruggeman Christophe 2012-03-23
Salvato Daniele SEMPER FI – EMPIRE : Study of fission rate and fission density effects UGENT
Detavernier Christophe (UGENT)
Van den Berghe Sven 2020-09-18
Rossignol Nicolas Safety and security governance in practice ULIEGE
Fallon Catherine (ULIEGE)
Turcanu Catrinel 2016-04-29
Moortgat Celine Search for a sterile neutrino using a short-baseline oscillation experiment at the BR2 research reactor UGENT
Ryckbosch Dirk (UGENT)
Popescu Lucia 2018-11-12
Vanmaercke Simon Secondary SCRAM System for Liquid Metal Cooled Nuclear Reactors UCLouvain
Bartosiewicz Yann (UCLouvain)
Van den Eynde Gert 2012-02-27
Van Hoey Olivier Simulation of plasma-wall interaction processes and tritium retention in fusion relevant materials: experiments and modeling UGENT
Van Oost Guido (UGENT)
Uytdenhouwen Inge 2014-09-25
Waegeneers Nadia Soil processes affecting the bioavailability of radiocaesium KU LEUVEN
Smolders Erik (KU LEUVEN)
Vandenhove Hildegarde 2002-06-24
Parisi Alessio Space dosimetry with luminescent detectors UMONS
Mégret Patrice (UMONS)
Van Hoey Olivier 2018-09-13
Di Ciacca Antoine Spatially distributed recharge in groundwater models: bridging the gap between the soil profile and the catchment scale KU LEUVEN
Vanderborght Jan (KU LEUVEN)
Leterme Bertrand 2020-12-16
Castelliti Diego Steam generator tube rupture UGENOVA
Lomonaco Guglielmo (UGENOVA)
Van den Eynde Gert 2018-04-23
Van Hoeck Arne Stress responses induced in Lemna minor by different radiation types: characterisation and comparison by a multi-endpoint molecular approach. UANTWERPEN
Blust Ronny (UANTWERPEN)
Horemans Nele 2016-03-09
Mijnendonckx Kristel Structural and functional analysis of plasmids in Cupriavidus/Ralstonia bacteria of potential interest for nuclear waste detoxification and spacecraft sanitary control UCLouvain
Mahillon Jacques (UCLouvain)
Van Houdt Rob 2013-11-07
Coeck Michèle Structural changes in silicon due to neutron-irradiation in the BR2 reactor: neutron transmutation doping and low-energy excitations in neutron-disordered bulk silicon KU LEUVEN
Laermans Christiane (KU LEUVEN)
Ponsard Bernard 1998-06-30
Morin Nicolas Studies on the response to spaceflight related conditions in the cyanobacterium Arthrospira sp. PC8005 using a genomic approach ULIEGE
Wilmotte Annick (ULIEGE)
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