Ongoing PhD research

Name Title Univ. Promoter SCK•CEN Mentor PhD started
Babaei Saeid A Multi Scale Approach to Model Early Age Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Behaviour on non-reinforced Concrete UAntwerpen
Steenackers Gunther (UAntwerpen)
Seetharam Suresh 2017-01-16
Al-dbissi Moad A novel approach to partial defect testing of spent nuclear fuel for safeguards applications
Pazsit Imre
Borella Alessandro 2020-03-01
Corazza Christophe Aerosol formation, transport and deposition in lead based fast reactors KULeuven
Vetrano Maria Rosaria (KULeuven)
Rosseel Kris 2018-10-01
Van Dyck Isabelle Application of Lemna minor in site remediation strategies
Vangronsveld Jaco
Vanhoudt Nathalie 2019-10-01
Chang Chih-Cheng Assessment of mechanical properties of fusion materials by micro-mechanical testing UCL
Pardoen Thomas (UCL)
Terentyev Dmitry 2020-02-01
Nabha Racell Assessment of relative biological effectiveness of clinical and secondary irradiation in proton therapy by microdosimetric measurements and simulations KULeuven
Sterpin Edmond (KULeuven)
Van Hoey Olivier 2019-01-01
Goussarov Gleb Bioinformatics tools for metagenomics analysis of microbial communities UGent
Vandamme Peter (UGent)
Van Houdt Rob 2017-10-01
Fahrion Jana Biological oxygen production and air revitalisation for habitats on the Moon UClermont Auverge
Dussap Claude-Gilles (UClermont Auverge)
Leys Natalie 2020-10-01
Nguyen Luong The Thinh Carbonation, decalcification and recalcification of Calcium-Silicate-Hydrate KULeuven
Cizer Özlem (KULeuven)
Phung Quoc Tri 2020-10-08
Sallam Magy Cardiovascular dysfunction after cancer radiation therapy: search for biomarkers and study of the underlying physiological mechanisms UAntwerpen
Guns Pieter-Jan (UAntwerpen)
Aerts An 2018-12-01
Pauwels Jente Chemical and radiological assessment of deep brine-type geothermal groundwaters. KU Leuven
Cappuyns Valérie (KU Leuven)
Salah Sonia 2017-10-01
Kayal Gunjan Clinical dosimetry in molecular radiotherapy UToulouse
Bardies Manuel (UToulouse)
Struelens Lara 2018-01-01
Serag Essam Sadik Coatings enabling robotic systems in liquid metal for a new generation of nuclear reactors. UNamur
Lucas Stéphane (UNamur)
Schuurmans Paul 2020-10-01
Abrams Floris Combining Machine Learning and Operations Research methods for Optimizing Remediation Efforts in Response to Large-Scale Nuclear Emergencies Affecting Food and Agriculture KULeuven
Van Orshoven Jos (KULeuven)
Sweeck Lieve 2019-10-01
Hoti Ferdiana Communication of uncertainties related to radiological risk situations UAntwerpen
Thijssen Peter (UAntwerpen)
Perko Tanja 2018-10-15
Li Xiang Corrosion study of the BR1 fuel in highly alkaline conditions UCL
Pardoen Thomas (UCL)
Caes Sébastien 2020-01-01
Hasan Moudud Md Decreasing global uncertainty in mapping site & environmental contamination by combining different measurement techniques in a joint (geo)statistical interpretation VUB
Huysmans Marijke (VUB)
Vidmar Tim 2017-10-01
Yin Chao Development and qualification of irradiation tolerant tungsten and novel toughness-enhanced composites for fusion applications UCL
Pardoen Thomas (UCL)
Terentyev Dmitry 2017-01-15
Wanna Nancy Development and validation of HPLC-SF-ICP-MS methodologies for characterization of spent nuclear fuel UGent
Vanhaecke Frank (UGent)
Van Hoecke Karen 2017-01-15
Ahenkorah Stephen Development of 225Ac- and 213Bi-labelled somatostatin analogues with improved tumour to kidney ratio for the treatment of neuroendocrine tumours KULeuven
Bormans Guy (KULeuven)
Ooms Maarten 2018-10-29
Cassells Irwin Development of 161Tb-labelled nanobodies for the treatment of colorectal cancer KULeuven
Bormans Guy (KULeuven)
Ooms Maarten 2018-10-29
Kachko Olga Development of Reduced Activation Ferritic Martensitic Steels for fusion applications UGent
Petrov Roumen (UGent)
Terentyev Dmitry 2020-01-01
Star Kelbij Sabrina Development of Reduced Order CFD models for the application of Uncertainty Quantification UGent
Degroote Joris (UGent)
Belloni Francesco 2017-10-01
Abdo Shamseldin Development of a constitutive law for accurate prediction of time dependent deformation of OPC based cementitious material at elevated temperatures
Wan-Wendner Roman
Seetharam Suresh 2020-10-01
Llopart Inés Development of novel assays for ‘difficult-to-measure’ radionuclides in materials produced during nuclear decommissioning activities VUB
Leermakers Martine (VUB)
Vasile Mirela 2019-11-01
Laanen Paulus Do plants adapt to chronic low-dose gamma exposure? A mechanistic study comparing plants exposed under field and lab conditions on (epi) genetic, biochemical and population level. UHasselt
Cuypers Ann (UHasselt)
Horemans Nele 2018-10-01
Castillo Dayana Dosimetry aspects of recoiling daughter nuclides of 225-Actinium in Targeted Alpha Therapy KULeuven
Koole Michel (KULeuven)
De Saint-Hubert Marijke 2019-11-08
Zakirov Aidar Effect of Cu, P, Ni and Mn content, individually and synergistically, on the microstructure of irradiated chemically-tailored RPV steels UNormandie
Pareige Philippe (UNormandie)
Stergar Erich 2018-11-05
Verlinden Bart Effect of ionizing radiation on solvent extraction systems for the separation of minor actinides KULeuven
Binnemans Koen (KULeuven)
Van Hecke Karen 2017-10-01
FUENTES SOLIS Noelia Effect of liquid metal environment on nucleation and propagation of fatigue cracks KULeuven
Seefeldt Marc (KULeuven)
Gavrilov Serguei 2020-02-15
Giacomo Gregori Electrochemical measurement and characterization of corrosion products in lead-bismuth eutectic
Doneux Thomas
Lim Jun 2019-12-01
Li Meng Experimental and numerical investigations on the miniaturization for fracture toughness characterization of RPV materials UCL
Pardoen Thomas (UCL)
Uytdenhouwen Inge 2018-10-15
Akbar Fitriani Cholidah Fracture mechanisms in environmentally assisted cracking of austenitic steels UGent
Verbeken Kim (UGent)
Gavrilov Serguei 2020-10-01
Courilleau Camille Fundamental understanding of the sensitivity of radiation hardening to nickel content and temperature in RPV materials UR
Pareige Philippe (UR)
Chaouadi Rachid 2019-10-01
Shagalakova Aidana HERMMES - Hadron Energy Resolved Measurement using Magnetic Electron Separation KULeuven
Sterpin Edmond (KULeuven)
de Freitas Nascimento Luana 2020-10-16
Wouters Shari Harnessing a therapeutic microbiome as an alleviating strategy for dysbiosis and recurrence in colorectal cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy UAntwerpen
Kumar-Singh Samir (UAntwerpen)
Ahmed Mohamed Mysara 2018-10-01
Hurier Sophie High intensity ISOL ion source for long-term irradiations KULeuven
Cocolios Thomas (KULeuven)
Rijpstra Kim 2019-12-01
Dengra i Grau Francesc Xavier Impact of land use change on the migration of historical radionuclide and heavy metal contamination in riparian soils of the Grote Nete Valley KULeuven
Smolders Erik (KULeuven)
Van Laer Liesbeth 2020-11-01
Schönlank Maximiliaan Improved deposition modelling based on combining state-of-the-art atmospheric dispersion simulations and numerical weather data.
Termonia Piet
Camps Johan 2020-10-01
Geelen Stef Improving radiological monitoring using drones UHasselt
Schroeyers Wouter (UHasselt)
Camps Johan 2018-10-01
Leenders Benji Improving the extraction of radioactive isotopes from MYRRHA linac targets by molecular sidebands UGent
Cottenier Stefaan (UGent)
Houngbo Donald 2019-10-25
Zhu Hongshan Inorganic sorption materials tailored for 225Ra/225Ac and 225Ac/213Bi radionuclide generators for biomedical applications
Binnemans Koen
Heinitz Stephan 2019-10-28
Cristina Antonella Interception, retention and translocation of radionuclides in agricultural crops under greenhouse conditions, following sprinkling irrigation UA
Samson Roeland (UA)
Sweeck Lieve 2016-11-01
Segers Charlotte Investigating microbial therapies to combat gut microbiome dysbiosis during pelvic irradiation UAntwerpen
Lebeer Sarah (UAntwerpen)
Mastroleo Felice 2017-10-01
Petrović Đorđe Investigation of a Hypothetical Core Disruptive Accident scenario in MYRRHA KULeuven
D'haeseleer William (KULeuven)
Scheveneels Guy 2020-10-19
Lopes Maia Eloa Mechanisms of localized corrosion initiation in liquid metal environment VUB
Terryn Herman (VUB)
Gavrilov Serguei 2020-10-15
Tamborino Giulia Medical alpha emitting radionuclides: how to correlate microdosimetry with biological effects? EURotterdam
De Jong Marion (EURotterdam)
De Saint-Hubert Marijke 2017-10-01
Giménez Francisco Javier Microbial community structure and dynamics during radioactive waste disposal VUB
Peeters Eveline (VUB)
Mijnendonckx Kristel 2019-11-15
Bianchi Anna Microdosimetry of therapeutic proton beams UHasselt
Reniers Brigitte (UHasselt)
Vanhavere Filip 2017-10-01
Penders Aäron Microstructural investigation of irradiation assisted stress corrosion cracking mechanism based on focused ion beam analysis of tested and industrial specimens UAntwerpen
Schryvers Nick (UAntwerpen)
Konstantinovic Milan 2018-10-01
Patil Amit Ravindra Model development for the assessment of the impact of accidental and routine radioactive releases into the Meuse-Scheldt aquatic system UCL
Deleersnijder Eric (UCL)
Fiengo Perez Fabricio 2020-11-08
Khvan Tymofii Nano-indentation for sub-miniaturized testing of irradiated materials: FEM analysis and experiments ULiège
Noels Ludovic (ULiège)
Terentyev Dmitry 2018-10-19
Brookhuis Hein New Big Science in Belgium. Transformation and Adaptation of SCK•CEN 1991-2022. KULeuven
Vanpaemel Geert (KULeuven)
Geysmans Robbe 2018-10-15
Aerts Robin Non-aqueous separation process for the purification of the lutetium-177 medical radioisotope KULeuven
Binnemans Koen (KULeuven)
Van Hecke Karen 2020-10-16
Arman Meryem Oxidation of terbium(III) as a first step towards high purity terbium-161 for medical applications KULeuven
Binnemans Koen (KULeuven)
Geboes Bart 2018-10-01
Uygur Selim Phase stability and oxidation behavior of high Pu content fast reactor MOX fuel KULeuven
Vleugels Jozef (KULeuven)
Delville Rémi 2019-01-15
Nguyen Thi Nhan Physico-chemical evolution of geopolymers in contact with aggressive environment KULeuven
Pontikes Yiannis (KULeuven)
Phung Quoc Tri 2019-12-15
Vande Pitte Jonas Post-test irradiation temperature determination and neutron dosimetry methods UGent
Detavernier Christophe (UGent)
Uytdenhouwen Inge 2017-10-01
Saldarriaga Vargas Clarita Preclinical computational dosimetry of Nanobodies in targeted radionuclide therapy of HER-2 over-expressing cancers VUB
Caveliers Vicky (VUB)
Struelens Lara 2017-04-01
Colak Gamze Preparation of Am containing transmutation targets KULeuven - MTM
Vleugels Jozef (KULeuven - MTM)
Leinders Gregory 2020-03-16
Kenens Joke Probing the potential of citizen science in the governance of nuclear incidents, accidents, and post-disaster situations KUL
Van Hoyweghen Ine (KUL)
Turcanu Catrinel 2017-08-01
Lu Min Quantifying and predicting river-aquifer exchange in lowland floodplains (Nete, Demer and Dijle) KULeuven
Huysmans Marijke (KULeuven)
Gedeon Matej 2017-11-01
Vanheukelom Margot Quantifying the effects of soil and plant characteristics on radiocesium uptake: A global perspective KULeuven
Smolders Erik (KULeuven)
Sweeck Lieve 2020-10-01
Ribeiro Jessica Radiation effects on human brain development, modeled in human brain organoids HHU
Gopalakrishnan Jay (HHU)
Quintens Roel 2020-01-01
Larion Ygee Reduced Order Modelling Techniques for Coupled Geomechanics Problems
Massart Thierry
Seetharam Suresh 2017-10-01
Glesner Colin Safety, security, and innovation in high-risk sociotechnical systems – tensions and tradeoffs ULiège
Fallon Catherine (ULiège)
Geysmans Robbe 2017-10-01
Adam Martin Shape controlled thorium dioxide precipitation routes KULeuven
Vleugels Jozef (KULeuven)
Acevedo Muñoz Beatriz 2020-10-01
Hsu Han-Hung Sol-gel chemistry to control morphology and porosity of actinide oxide feeds for electroreduction UAntwerpen
Breugelmans Tom (UAntwerpen)
Geboes Bart 2020-02-01
Maertens Dominic Study of reaction kinetics in continuous partitioning processes for actinide separations KULeuven
Binnemans Koen (KULeuven)
Cardinaels Thomas 2019-11-01
Geenen Lorain Study of the radiobiological basis of the therapeutic and cytotoxic responses of targeted radionuclide therapy using Lu177-DOTATATE and Ac225-DOTATATE EURotterdam
De Jong Marion (EURotterdam)
Aerts An 2019-10-01
Heynickx Nathalie Study of the radiobiological basis of therapeutic and toxic responses of prostate cancer radiation therapy UGent
Baatout Sarah (UGent)
Aerts An 2019-10-07
Waked Anthony Targeted radionuclide therapy as new treatment opportunity against glioblastoma recurrences ULiège
Rogister Bernard (ULiège)
Benotmane Rafi 2020-11-04
Lescur Amke The influence of heavy liquid metal environment on mechanical and corrosion properties of austenitic stainless steel welds UGent
Petrov Roumen (UGent)
Lim Jun 2019-01-01
Verbeelen Tom URINIS Project - Urine valorisation in Space UGent
Ganigue Ramon (UGent)
Mastroleo Felice 2020-03-23
Maertens Laurens Understanding copper- and silver-based antimicrobials and their potential in space applications
Matroule Jean-Yves
Van Houdt Rob 2017-10-01
Miranda Silvana Understanding the gravity of the situation: immune dysfunction in response to space stress UGent
Baatout Sarah (UGent)
Baselet Bjorn 2020-11-01
Radstake Eline Unraveling non-cancer effects of spaceflight: how are the brain and skin affected in astronauts? UGent
Baatout Sarah (UGent)
Verslegers Mieke 2019-02-01
Rogiers Tom Unravelling radionuclide resistance mechanisms in the bacterium Cupriavidus metallidurans UGent
Boon Nico (UGent)
Mijnendonckx Kristel 2017-10-01
Inalegwu Auchi Unravelling the potential of circular RNAs as novel biomarkers of radiation exposure and -sensitivity and their functional characterization in the radiation response UAntwerpen
de vos winnok (UAntwerpen)
Quintens Roel 2017-10-15
Mertens Amber Unravelling uranium uptake mechanisms in Arabidopsis thaliana UHasselt
Cuypers Ann (UHasselt)
Saenen Eline 2018-10-01